Integrated Aquaponics can help you build an Aquaponics sytem that will provide your family and community with organic food for years to come. You can grow your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers, alongside your favorite edible or decorative fish. If this sounds like something that will enhance your quality of life, then contact us for a consultation.

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Aquaponics provides a closed loop ecosystem for the symbiotic growth of plants and fish. We can use this Bio-technology to solve many of the worlds most deeply rooted problems. By creating these ecosystems in our homes and communities, we can effectively purify our air and water, while simultaneously growing organic fish and vegetables. These systems work on a scaleable model that can produce large volumes of food on minimal acreage. Or they can be designed to grow delicious food for your family right at home. Since food is fundamental to life, we should begin to live with it closer to our homes and kitchens. Consider these systems, integrated within your home, as a path toward understanding quality organic food.

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