Home Aquaponics Systems

Integrated Aquaponics can help you to feed your family, with home grown organic food in any environment. From indoor to outdoor systems and even greenhouse growing, we can help you decide the best way to grow food for your family year-round. By integrating food production with our homes, we take a lot of the mystery out of where our food comes from. Aqupaonics is the most efficient means of producing organic food in small spaces within our homes and gardens.

What does a Home Aquaponics System Look like?

Here are some Examples of Aquaponics Systems Built by us.

Indoor systems can range in sizes depending on your available space.

  • We can take your existing fish tank, and transform it into a vegetable producing system, by eliminating the chemical additives commonly used for ornamental fish. These existing fish tanks can now be used to grow vegetables too!
  • We can build a new system for producing edible fish – such as tilapia, perch, or trout – with an active vegetable producing biofilter. These systems can be placed in an open window to provide light for the growing plants. Or we can discuss the options for supplemental lighting.
  • We can build a simple, aesthetic aquaponics system with Koi, Goldfish, or your favorite decorative fish, accompanied by flowers and air purifying ornamental plants.
  • Integrated Aquaponics can also build our famous “Green Blinds” to block direct sunlight from a window, while producing food in a small space.

 Indoor systems have the added benefits of stabilizing your indoor temperatures, and providing good humidity to your home. Colorado has a dry climate with extreme fluctuations in temperature. An aquaponics system can act as a healthy humidifier and help to maintain indoor temperatures due to its thermal mass.

The addition of certain plants and the water from your aquaponics system also act as an air purifier, cleaning your homes air from toxins and heavy metals commonly found in building materials, mechanical systems, or cigarette smoke.

The sound of water can be a soothing and aesthetic addition to any home. And of course, the constant production of organic vegetables and fish! 


Outdoor systems work well in Colorado’s sunny climate. The water acts as a thermal battery, storing the suns heat and keeping it warm through the nights and cooler days.

Backyard Pond

A fully outdoor system must be deep to support the fish through the winter freeze. We can construct a pond or help you to transform your existing outdoor pond into a food producing Aquaponics system. Trout, Koi, and Carp are good fish for growing in outdoor ponds. By integrating your pond to a constructed wetland you can grow a variety of vegetables and herbs, while filtering the water for the fish and eliminating algae blooms.

Greenhouses provide an excellent shelter for Aquaponics systems to thrive all year long. They can be simple hoop houses, structurally framed, or even the Wallipini design. Greenhouses provide an enclosed shelter, which protects your Aquaponics systems from the elements and allows the water to act as a thermal battery, storing heat and keeping the plants and fish warm. We have experience building many styles of simple greenhouses, and outfitting them with abundant Aquaponics systems for year-round production. (Image of Greenhouse AP)

Permaculture Systems

Connect with these great permaculture designers to help you grow diverse and abundant foods to feed your whole family. Backyard Revolutions can help you build soil gardens that require less water and minimal weeding, compost systems for kitchen waste, chicken coops for year round eggs and chickens, and aquaponics systems for producing fish, vegetables, and nutrient rich fertilizer for your soil gardens. All of these systems can be connected in a synergetic relationship where there is no waste, and an abundance of food!

Integrated Aquaponics can:

  • Design, Build, and Maintain a home Aquaponics system to feed you & your family.
  • Help you Design a Do-it-Yourself system for you to build and maintain.
  • Provide the education necessary for you to design and build for yourself


Consult – Design – Build – Educate – Maintain