Regenerative Living

This is a place where I will share some of my favorite topics for regenerative living. Regenerative Design takes us beyond sustainable to the point where we are giving back to our enevironment. We can no longer degenerate the natural systems while sustaining the status quo. People must learn to live within the natural system of ecological balance. When we provide nature with the ingredients to thrive, we can build our lives into niches of the larger ecological system to help it function. This method of design can provide food for us, food for nature, and food for thought…

  • Permaculture provides a human scale map toward regenerative living – Rooted in food production, it is a model for humanity to survive & thrive in a permanent culture. It is an ecological design practice for producing Organic Food, Natural Shelter, & Abundant Lives. Check out the Colorado Permaculture Guild to Get Involved Locally.
  • Backyard Revolutions – Can help you Design and Build your own Backyard Food Revolution. Grow your own Food to change the System!
  • Earthships Biotecture –  Is at the forefront of truly sustainable housing. Using garbage (cans, bottles, & tires) as the foundation, The homes are built on the principles of passive solar design, renewable energy, and ecological waste treatment. Check them out and go volunteer for a build – it will change your entire understanding on homes and why we build them.
  • Greywater Action is an organization based out of California, who are truly shifting the way we think about waste water. They have enough power to make changes at the Legislative Level, shifting the codes to allow for greywater and blackwater reuse. They also offer wonderful courses for home greywater system design.
  • Colorado Srawbale Association – Strawbales are another building material that can make homes that are fully compostable within a 200 year lifespan.
  • Geodesic Dome Information – Desert Domes – Making the world a ‘Fuller’ place
  • Solar Energy – Build it Solar is a Renewable Energy website for Do-it-yourselfers
  • Ecovilliage Living – Auroville Ecovilliage in India was the birthplace of my quest for regenerative living, it is based on the philosophy of human unity and they hope to one day achieve a self-sustaining city of 50,000 people. Living Routes is the college study abroad program that sent me there to learn. They will send you all over the world to live & learn about sustainability and regenerative living.
  • Integrated Aquaponics is currently helping the One Community to achieve their dream of a unified ecovilliage community. We are assisting in the development of their Aquaponics Greenhouses, as well as their regenerative homes and buildings, and energy infrastructure.

These are just some of the topics that I would like to explore more deeply – If you want to talk with me about any of these topics please send me an email –

Aquaponics links

The Aquaponics Community offers information from the most basic to the most complex topics. It is a worldwide blog for everything Aquaponics.

Aquaponics DIY information – be sure to look at the IBC of Aquaponics Manual and the Barrelponics Manual for economical home systems.